Fables and Words of Wisdom (Fabule și vorbe cu tâlc)
There is a man who bought this book. There is even a goat who bought this book, but ate it, so there’s no story left to tell.
People don't know much and then they look for books of advice. This is a book of advice, only it must be extracted by yourself, that's how the fables are.

Short list of things to find on the following pages: 53,162 letters, 9,111 words, 259 characters, proverbs, illustrations, ironies, jokes, synonyms, antonyms, a bunch of flies, a fox in love with La Fontaine, a flying frog, earthworms, carps, pumpkins, singing donkeys, a meditative ox, real fables from the most important authors, dogs, puppies, a donkey lion.

This is a project that is part of Romanian Design Week Selection 2021. (Graphic Design/Illustration/Books section)

Authors: Jean de La Fontaine, Gheorghe Asachi, Anton Pann, Ion Heliade-Rădulescu, Alecu Donici, Grigore Alexandrescu, N.T. Orășanu, I.L. Caragiale, Cincinat Pavelescu, George Ranetti, G. Topîrceanu, Vasile Militaru, Camil Petrescu, Nina Cassian, Marin Sorescu, Grete Tartler, Alexandru Mușina
Publisher: Editura Arthur, Bucharest, Romania, 2021
Design & DTP: Adelina Butnaru (Faber Studio), Radu Manelici, Dinu Dumbrăvician
Illustrations and some hatching: Adelina Butnaru
The other part of the hatch: Dinu Dumbrăvician

Text selection, editorial concept: Diana Zografi
Selection of texts, notes about authors: Adrian Săvoiu
Critical reading, search for fables, proverbs and words: Iulia Tudorie
Writing, proofreading and opinions: Lavinia Vasile, Mădălina Buican
Copyright: Ramona Tănase
Illustration technique: ink on paper, pencils, digital processing
Technical: 170×285 mm, hardcover, 136 pages, 6 PANTONE
ISBN: 978-606-788-970-3

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