THE RELENTLESS. 100 women in 100 years of modern Romania is a project initiated by De Basm – Children and Teenage Writers' Association, which proposes a cultural and historical rediscovery of 100 female personalities (individual or collective) about which the young generation does not have the opportunity to learn much about throughout school or the media.

The rediscovery of the subject is unique in many ways. It is not an encyclopedia of female personalities, but a book in two volumes, containing 100 stories inspired by the lives of these women. They are slightly fictional texts, based on a rich documentation (archives, books, interviews). The concept of diversity is highlighted by the alternation of the rhythm of the book through design and illustration.  

Original title: Nesupusele. 100 de femei pentru 100 de ani de România modernă
(THE RELENTLESS. 100 women in 100 years of modern Romania)
Editor: Diana Crupenschi, Ona Frantz
Proofreading: Irinel Antoniu
Design & DTP: Faber Studio
(Ioan Olteanu, Radu Manelici, Kiro, Dinu Dumbrăvician, Adelina Butnaru)
Cover Illustration: Adelina Butnaru (Faber Studio)
Authors: Adina Rosetti, Victoria Pătraşcu, Iulia Iordan, Laura Grünberg, Cristina Andone + Carmen Tiderle
Interior Illustrations: Bilyana Velikova, Sorina Vasilescu, Zelmira Szabó, Maria Surducan, Ileana Surducan, Anca Smărăndache, Cristiana Radu, Mihaela Paraschivu, Xenia Pamfil, Annabella Orosz, Vero Neacșu, Oana Mărieș, Andrea Kürti, Ágnes Keszeg, Zenkő Karda, Oana Ispir, Irina Maria Iliescu, Iulia Ignat, Diana Grigore, Anna Florea, Livia Coloji, Cristina Cazacu, Ana Calistru, Adelina Butnaru, Maria Brudașcă, Cristina Barsony.
Publisher: Editura Univers, Bucharest, 2019
Technical: 195×260 mm, hardcover, 128 pages, 1 PANTONE + CMYK
ISBN VOL. I: 978-973-341-069-0
ISBN VOL. II: 978-973-34-1141-3
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