LittleLit is a children's literature festival created by Children’s & Teens Writer's Association (De Basm) in 2019. The 2023 edition is called LittleLit on Stage – Stories come to life (LittleLit pe scenă – Poveștile se dau în spectacol). Building on texts by Romanian children's authors, De Basm develops this project where stories come to life as puppet theater performances. In addition to the shows, various writers have conducted creative writing workshops, performed readings, and held workshops.

Client: Children’s & Teens Writer's Association (De Basm), AFCN
Authors who have held workshops: Adina Rosetti, Andreea Iatagan, Victoria Pătrașcu, Luminița Corneanu, Sînziana Popescu, Iulia Iordan, Garajszki Margit
Design & Illustration: Adelina Butnaru
Technical: 500×700 mm posters, flyers, stickers, badges.
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