Funny card deck of 30 prompts, helping you invent stories, observe and see things from a different angle.
You could improve your creative thinking right now by tackling these samples.
01. What if… there was only one season?
02. What if… emotions disappeared?
03. Make a dialogue between the eraser and the pencil, the broom and the dustpan, the phone and the headphones, the fork and the knife.
04. Send a message to a child from the future, 100 years from now.
05. Imagine the dialogue that sparrows outside your window are having.
Game designed for children, but adults are also invited to play.
Client: Children’s & Teens Writer's Association (De Basm), AFCN
Authors: Adina Rosetti, Victoria Pătrașcu, Laura Grünberg, Luminița Corneanu, Andreea Iatagan
Design & Illustration: Adelina Butnaru
Technical: 90×120 mm, 30 cards, 1 case, CMYK/Grayscale Printing
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