The Museum of Romanian Literature and Children’s & Teens Writer's Association (De Basm) organized creative reading and writing workshops, both at the Museum and at five Memorial Houses. The project aimed to show children that literature can also be friendly. And that the writers really existed. They lived in houses that can now be visited. (George Bacovia, Tudor Arghezi, Anton Pann, Liviu Rebreanu, Ion Minulescu)
Client: Children’s & Teens Writer's Association (De Basm), The Museum of Romanian Literature
Authors who have held workshops: Adina Rosetti, Victoria Pătrașcu, Iulia Iordan, Laura Grünberg, Carmen Tiderle, Andreea Iatagan, Luminița Corneanu
Design & Illustration: Adelina Butnaru
Technical: 500×700 mm posters, notebooks, flyers, stickers, badges, tote bags.
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